10-Day Finance Success Programme

A Seminar by: Precious Mvulane

About Precious Mvulane

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• Continuation Cost: R8000 per session
• Total number of sessions: 4 sessions over 8 days: 2 days contact time including facilitation and group activities. Access to all sessions costs R32000

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Precious Mvulane is a Chartered Accountant (SAICA) and a Registered Auditor (IRBA). She has over 16 years’ experience in different finance roles, i.e. auditor (internal and external) in the private and public sector. She has also been involved with governance structures for the past 11 years and sits on 10 boards as an audit committee member, and is the chair of four. This includes the IRBA (her own professional body) and IBASA, (with a membership of 850 business consultants).

Location: Regenesys Business School, Sandton, Johannesburg.

• Create, organise and manage your financial goals and key performance areas.

• Assess and select the appropriate business structure, which suits your circumstances and industry

• Examine and define the obligations and implement the Companies Act as the director and shareholder, which will help you to select appropriate fellow directors and shareholders

• Examine and define the obligations and implementation in terms of Income Tax and Value Added Tax as a taxpayer, with the aim to organise administration and manage financial compliance and legal risks

• Examine and define the obligations and implement SARS and DOL as an employer with the aim to organise administration and manage financial compliance and legal risks.

• Examine obligations as a trader (CPA and NCA) with the aim to create appropriate marketing materials, as well as terms and conditions for the business

• Describe, differentiate and apply financial terminology and concepts to daily operations

• Classify, allocate and calculate costs and selling prices for your products and services

• Construct and formulate different types of budgets

• Prepare and calculate cash flow projections required to perform services

• Distinguish key financial role players as per competency, experience and qualification

• Identify the groups of users of information, what information they need and when

• Identify, compose and critique financial control systems

• Design daily, weekly and monthly management accounts to assess performance

• Assess and compare your financial performance and position

• Learn how to analyse expenses by nature and by function

• Evaluate and analyse your financial statements by identifying red flags and developing financial strategies

• Discover the top six types of source funding, the pros and cons, where to find them and how to select the best option that suits your needs

• Prepare and plan documentation to finance your business

• Prepare and plan for funding opportunities

Programme Outcomes

Certification: Certificate of Participation will be awarded to all students

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